Monday, July 16, 2007

Interview With Isabella Soprano, David Hof.

COSBY: Well, "Penthouse" calls it the best little whorehouse in the Western world. Nevada's Moonlight Bunny Ranch tries to live up to that reputation. And HBO will reveal how they do it in their follow-up sequel to the documentary "Cat House" called "Cat House II" back in the saddle. I love the title. We're joined by the owner of the Bunny Ranch right here with me in the studio, Dennis Hof who says it's not just sex, it is also an adventure. Along with one of his dedicated employees also here in the studio Isabella Soprano. And Isabella, I understand you saw the first "Cat House." You weren't involved in this industry said, I want to be a part of this.
ISABELLA SOPRANO, EMPLOYEE, THE BUNNY RANCH: Yes. I thought it looked like a lot of fun.
COSBY: Now Dennis, the last time I had you on you were doing something for the soldiers. You were offering soldiers what half price. Are you still helping?
DENNIS HOF, OWNER, THE BUNNY RANCH: Yes. We were giving free sex actually to military guys returning from Iraq. And then we did a half off thing. And we're still living up to our commitments of people we've promised free sex to months ago.
COSBY: Is the list just long, on and on and on.
HOF: It's a long list. But you know what, it was the right thing to do at the right time for these guys. And it's well deserved. And they will do it again. We'll call it the Rita Cosby special.
COSBY: I don't think I want to have my name on that one. But thank you anyway for the opportunity. Isabella, tell us about "Cat House II" back in the saddle? You were not involved in this industry, why did you decide to go into this business?
SOPRANO: The show just made it look like so much fun. It looked so interesting. And I figured, hey, I'm young, I'm pretty, I'll check it out. And it's been great.
COSBY: Do you feel awkward? Do you feel exploited?
SOPRANO: At first, it was a little nerve-racking. I was nervous, but now it's just very routine. It's a lot of fun. I meet so many different people. It never gets boring.
COSBY: I'm sure boring is not one word I think I'd use to describe it. Now Dennis, one of the things is -- and I didn't realize this -- in Cat House, like in "Cat House I" and "Cat House II," people don't know they're being filmed. And then you go in later and say, I have a waiver, if you sign this, then I'll allow you to be a part of it. Are there some people who go, oh, my gosh, burn that tape. Call you for months and beg you for that tape back.
HOF: Forty out of 45 people signed off. We did that a year ago. We don't do that any more because we've got enough to go for many, many shows. But, no, 40 out of 45, everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame. And the Bunny Ranch is now so normal it's like going to 7-Eleven or Cosco or something. It's very normal.
COSBY: Well, one of the things I was reading -- I was pretty amazed at this -- like mothers sign up. One of the stories is like a mother sort of overseeing her son's, quote, "party time."
HOF: Yes. COSBY: Fathers. I was surprised that parents are saying, hey, son, I'll give you a treat and send you there.
HOF: A lot of virgins come in there, their family brings them in. Isabella actually has sex with a couple, only HBO can capture this. Only HBO.
COSBY: I was gong to say I don't think we could, not on a Saturday night.
HOF: We call them HB-ho.
COSBY: We'll have to keep that in mind. Now how do you feel being a part of this? Being filmed on camera.
SOPRANO: It was a blast. I had a lot of fun.
COSBY: Is there anyone who says, you know, losing respect for you or saying what are you doing?
SOPRANO: No, I'm there on my own accord. I came there because I wanted to have fun. I never -- if I ever felt that way I wouldn't be there.
COSBY: Are there any sort of unusual experiences that we can talk about on the air, not sexual, but sort of more the mother bringing in the son. More than ... SOPRANO: I've had brothers and sisters bring their brothers or sisters in. I've had sisters bring their sisters in because they'd never been with a girl before.
COSBY: What about money?
SOPRANO: What about money?
COSBY: How does it pay?
SOPRANO: It's great. Yes, it's awesome. I work with everybody's budget. So everybody can have fun.
COSBY: Is there negotiating?
SOPRANO: Yes, yes.
COSBY: Who deals?
HOF: You use the menu, the Bunny Ranch menu.
COSBY: Right, OK, the official menu.
HOF: Absolutely, and you negotiate what you want to do off of it. And it is like -- you spend as little or as much as you want at the Bunny Ranch and have a good time.
COSBY: How many clients do you think have come through there in the years, that you've been what? Is it 40 years?
HOF: Like the hamburg place, I'm going to start doing the thing 6,000,821, two, exactly. We figure five to six million people in the last -- it's a 48-year social experiment that works. Sex for sale is not going away in America. It might as well be done right.
COSBY: Now how do you make sure -- speaking of right -- how do you make sure that these folks are of age? It's not some young boy going do you really check I.D.s to make sure that it's ... HOF: Absolutely. SOPRANO: Oh, yes. HOF: Eighteen for sex, 21 for liquor, because it's liquor and sex, 24 hours a day. You can actually have sex when you're 16 in Nevada, but we don't allow them in. We go by federal guidelines, 18. And we check IDs very closely.
COSBY: And when you say to the person this is disgusting or you are contaminating America.
HOF: It's not happening that way. Prostitution is everywhere. Let's just do it right. Clean it up, tax it, make sure there's no exploitation of the women. Remove the disease from it. And do it right.
COSBY: And, of course, it is called "Cat House II: Back in the Saddle." Did you pick the name?
HOF: I didn't pick it but it's a great name. It is next Saturday night, 10:30 on HBO.
COSBY: You at least both have a good sense of humor. Thank you both very much.
HOF: You have to be in the sex business.
COSBY: You have to be. All right, guys, remember it is legal they can do this. All right, guys, thank you very much.

Source: The America's Intelligence Wire
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Byline: Rita Cosby


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