Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Isabella Sopranos in action at Assparade!

You can catch Isabella Soprano on HBO's trainwreck reality show "The Cathouse".
And now you can watch this "working girl" in action at Assparade! We proceeded to watch this young broad spread her big ass cheeks and bare her juicy tits to our watching eyes. Isabella's back with a vengeance this time... Don't miss her movies!


awaxawax said...

ilove you isabella

esmaeel said...

i love soprano and like which give me your email address. esmaccount@yahoo.com is my address.

Terminal said...

If you're ever in New York, look me up. I'll take you to dinner. No seriously.

Cindy Dy said...

I like the way on how you put up your blogs. Wonderful and awesome. Hope to read more post from you in the future. Goodluck. Happy blogging!